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    Stobo is a tool for copying and renaming images. It will 'listen' to a directory for the appearance of image files, which it will chronologically copy to another location (for example, a location somehwere on your network).


    Stobo was designed for stop-motion animation production. Its basic image formatting and copying abilities allow you to use production images in real-time with any software on any operating system that python operates on. For example, Stobo will take the pictures your camera saves, and sequentially rotate them and shrink them and save them to a folder on your OSX production system where Final Cut Pro or Apple Shake are queued to preview the sequence.

    You will need to install Python 2.6 and the PIL image library to use Stobo. If you are using linux or osx you will additionally need to install wxpython. Stobo is multi-threaded for responsiveness.

    tags wx-widgets, python