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    The Black Box

    • bumblehead, Cortex Accellera
    • /media
    • 2009-05-05

    The Black Box may be the most important video I've produced so far. Producing it absorbed a lot of time. Music made by Hollywood artist Cortex Accellera was made just for this video. I'm sending it around to film and animation festivals right now, which means that I'm not allowed to publicy host the entire video, or even an entire shot. This shot was edited out of the final video, so I don't think I'm breaking any rules by sharing it here. Enjoy.

    Curriculae Vitae for The Black Box

    1. Mistaken Film and Video Festival
      (British Columbia CA. 2009)
    2. {Fusion}
      (Long Beach California US. 2009)
    3. 5 Second Film Festival
      (Claremont CA. 2009)
    4. ???
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