jenny: well
jenny: its your user story
jenny: i think you should own it
jenny: in terms of following up through
chris: i really don’t care
chris: take it
jenny: you do understand that i m just helping out
chris: i’m not trying to be annoying i just earnestly don’t care
jenny: you are here
jenny: and this is dev work
chris: and I didn’t know anything was going on with qa1
jenny: as much as i wish i didnt have to care, unfortunately we have to care
jenny: i wish u would have some onwership
jenny: you can say i m harsh or b or watever
chris: every thing i begin working on gets encumbered with process
jenny: but i do think dev work should speak for dev's pride
jenny: its not process
jenny: its ownershp
jenny: and pride
chris: i have pride in my work
jenny: if u r not proud of ur work, then it's a different discussion
jenny: ok, then
chris: and that’s why I’m not going to wast concern on work unless it is valued by others
jenny: can you tell me where the pride is, where you have dev complete something and you dont care whether or not its' working on dev or qa
jenny: how messed up is that
jenny: why do i have to follow up on this ?
chris: your work must be completed for the user story to be completed
chris: once your work is completed I will complete mine
jenny: what is my work ?
jenny: can u tell me ?
chris: helping to clear the files from the cache
chris: maybe this is not your work
chris: who else would do this?
jenny: and who brought it up that the file needed to be clear ?
jenny: did u even check dev1 or qa1 to see if it su p
jenny: or did i ask you to check ?
chris: why should i check
chris: you said this morning you would work on ads?
chris: i think there is a misunderstanding here
chris: i just want to do my job
jenny: omg
jenny: i can't believe it
chris: believe what?
jenny: believe you
jenny: let's rewind back to yesterday
jenny: u dev complete
jenny: i said, let's try to ahve it work on dev1 so we can show product?
jenny: correct ?
jenny: i went and checked dev1 and saw its' not working
jenny: u didnt even bother checking it before i checked it
jenny: am i correct so far ?
chris: i don’t really remember what environments i checked on
chris: if i was unprofessional in some way i hope you would let me know
jenny: thats why we are having this conversation
jenny: i hope you would care a little more
jenny: but maybe i hope for too much
chris: i did request pages from dev1 using the simulator
chris: i sent several follow up emails showing the cached content
chris: related files
chris: links to those files
chris: explanations
chris: what did you think I should have done after that?
jenny: yes, correct
jenny: u showed all that AFTER i asked u to check
jenny: correct ?
chris: that makes sense to me
jenny: what i would expect from you was to actually, after check in the files, check on dev1
jenny: to see if it is actually work ing
chris: i found the content was cached and I waited for you to tell me that the situation was different
jenny: no, Chris. it doesn't make sense. checking your work should be part of you
jenny: not until AFTER i asked u to
chris: maybe we should go over the email thread or discussion
chris: or maybe get another person involved
chris: i don’t believe I’ve done anything wrong
jenny: ok
jenny: thanks a lot
chris: I’m a little scared that you feel this way
jenny: oh i dont think u r scared at all
jenny: but, thanks for letting me know
chris: :(
jenny: if u chose not to care, its not my call
jenny: but i dont feel bad. at least i tried to convince u
jenny: and please don't think anyone wants to steal / get anything from you.
jenny: they are just simply not interested.
chris: why would I think that?
chris: what do you think I’m hiding?
chris: this does not make sense
chris: can you tell me what you mean by that?
chris: I want to know if I need to improve myself or if I communicated something badly
chris: i really don’t understand this
jenny: nvm Chris. i am done
chris: am I crazy?
jenny: u know, just btw us.
jenny: some people dealign w problem by escalating up
jenny: thats not my style
jenny: i'd rather confront and deal with it myself
jenny: if i were to follow 'process', i would have escalate this
chris: i think you should escalate it then
jenny: i am not escalating because i m not proving i m the 'hero' or whatever that crap . i m not escalating because there is no need to
chris: i don’t care about that stuff either and I don’t care being labelled by you
chris: i’ve done a very good job here on everything I’ve been assigned
chris: if people here feel that something is wrong with me then let them say it
jenny: great idea !
Today, 12:35 PM
chris: penny and ravi are in the mobile signin email thread
chris: would you mind discussing some of this with them and I?
chris: i would like to complete the communication on this
chris: so that I feel better about it
jenny: good idea
chris: your communication indicates you are doing me some favor by not escalating this and following process
jenny: yea dont worry Chris. you like email, you got it !
chris: that worries me
jenny: you dont think so ?
jenny: i do agree with you
jenny: we shouldn't discuss this privately
jenny: maybe the way how we should communicate is to loop in other people
chris: that email does not address anything you’ve just said
Today, 12:41 PM
jenny: i set up a meeting with ravi and penny
jenny: then we can be on the same page