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    • 2010-06-04
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    I finished a sinewave animation and there's a demonstration page that displays various sinewave videos made during production. The results are surprisingly dynamic. The fun part of this project involved writing a Common Lisp program for generating the sinewaves and this required a few things in addition to writing a sinewave function. There are functions for drawing circles and connecting lines. There's a class for generating exponential curves...

    It'll be appearing in a video.
    Something To Come Undone, dir. Anna Chiaretta Lavatelli, 2010

    Here are two tiny code pieces from sinewave.lisp. 'Live on, Common Lisp!

    (defmethod  coords-to-canvas (coords rgba (canvas image-canvas))
      (mapcar #'(lambda (xy)
                  (pixel-to-canvas xy rgba canvas))
    (defmacro when-inside (frame bgn end &body body)
      `(when (and (>= ,frame ,bgn)
                  (<= ,frame ,end))
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